Lunch – Worst or Worstest Meal of the Day?!

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Excuse my use of worstest. It is most definitely not a word. But lunch, man, it really gets me down.  Remember when you were a kid and lunch was so exciting? You got to sit with your friends, compare snacks, everything was sunshine and Dunkaroos! But as an adult, lunch is a serious chore! All I want to do is eat a sandwich or a sub for lunch and that’s not a great choice. I’m always agonizing over what to eat for lunch at work and often, by Thursday or Friday I’m sick of whatever I’ve slapped together for that week and don’t want to eat the same thing anymore.  Currently I’m eating a bento box-ish kind of lunch and it’s super easy which is what is really appealing to me right now but it still doesn’t feel like I’m nailing this lunch thing. I could be making a better bento box. One that says, I put some thought and effort into this.

My current bento box masterpiece – 3 slices of turkey, 1 slice cheddar, grapes, and strawberries, with carrots and hummus (not pictured) to snack on later.

My ideal situation would be to be one of those people who preps everything for the week on Sundays, making homemade protein bars or trail mix, prepping meat and veggies for dinners, getting snacks in order, that would be a real dream come true.  All I know is I don’t want to feel like I’m scrambling to be healthy all week – trying to find a takeout solution on my lunch that isn’t going to make me feel like the mud on the bottom of someone’s shoe. Life would just be so much easier if I was more of a salad person. (What a sentiment! I don’t know who I am anymore these days, talking about my dream of being a salad person.) Sometimes I’m really into a good salad.  But a lot of times they just kind of bore me and don’t satisfy the beast inside me that wants to live on bread, butter, and cheese.

10154472_741443848619_2428883913806539444_nMy old, organized, prepping days.

Speaking of delicious, creamy things like my beloved cheese, you know what else often foils me when it comes to lunch? Those damn avocados! They’re in everything, they make most things better, and they are fudging impossible to keep around the house! For awhile during a clean, whole food eating plan I did for 2 weeks with my husband we were making turkey roll ups for lunch – turkey wrapped in a lettuce leaf with some tomato, cucumber, bacon, and avocado.  It was so hard to keep the sliced avocado fresh overnight when we prepped for the next day AND if we didn’t use the whole avocado in one day in was damn near impossible to use the rest for the following day. Recently, I tried making a chicken salad with this great Greek yogurt quacamole that Trader Joe’s makes but even that was tough because the quac would start to brown after it had been opened. What’s a lady to do?! Why are you so fragile delicious avocado?!

What are YOU eating for lunch these days? Does lunch excite you or stress you out like me?

7 Replies to “Lunch – Worst or Worstest Meal of the Day?!”

  1. My wife and I try to use Sunday as food prep day. It is fun to spend time together with no TV or technology. Recently we began using our slow cooker for bulk preparation of lunches. It has been great! Turkey chili, chicken marsala, goulash…all in the slow cooker. And because it makes 8 quarts of food, we can eat for several meals.


    1. I love the idea of food prep as some quality time together away from all the tech! I definitely want to try to incorporate food prep into our weekends! Chicken Marsala in the crock pot sounds amazing!

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