Some Quick Thoughts About Life

I’m going to have a real honest to goodness post for you later today. But for now I just wanted to say something quick.

I have had a hell of a 2015 so far: some really great highs and some really terrible lows. I won’t go into details because really, does it matter? At any given moment we are all dealing with something unpleasant, frustrating, or unfortunately, sometimes something truly awful. We all have struggles. It’s not competition and as world shattering as things can seem at times, really, our troubles, worries, or struggles are no more or less important than anyone else’s. 

It can be comforting sometimes to remember that whatever you are dealing with at any particular time, you exist somewhere on a spectrum of struggle and there is always someone dealing with something way worse than you are. I say this not to invalidate your pain or pile on someone else’s but because when things feel like they are spiraling out of control, perspective can keep your feet on the ground and your head from exploding.

I truly believe that how we deal with adversity and the way that we find some strength or will to carry on putting one foot in front of the other, offering our support to others in their struggles even as we shoulder our own burdens, is the true measure of personal character.

I just want to say that guys, life is so damn short. Please be kind to one another. Life can be hard enough without adding more ugliness to it tearing each other down. I just want everyone to be happy. I just want us all to succeed. More empathy. Less selfishness. Just be cool guys and we can all get through this journey together.

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